Tommy Paul Reveals How Alcaraz Acted After Losing Their Match In Toronto In 2023

Tommy Paul Reveals How Alcaraz Acted After Losing Their Match In Toronto In 2023

by Zachary Wimer

Carlos Alcaraz lost to Tommy Paul at the 2023 Canadian Open in Toronto, and the American now revealed how the Spaniard took the loss.

The Spanish player is a very tough tennis player to beat. Daniil Medvedev got to know it when he lost to him recently at the Indian Wells Open. Funnily enough, Medvedev lost to Alcaraz last year in the Indian Wells final as well, which just shows how tough it is to beat him on some particular courts.

When it comes to Paul, something just clicks for him when he plays Alcaraz, at least when they play in Canada. The American has bested Alcaraz twice at the Canadian Open, which is a solid achievement for him.

In a talk with Haute Living, the American reflected upon that match, explaining how Alcaraz reacted to the loss last year, after they met in the restaurant following the match.

"We finished late that day, but the tournament kept a restaurant open so we could get a late-night meal. And it was funny — Alcaraz also showed up at the restaurant 20 minutes later. He was waving at us, and smiling as he went upstairs."

"I remember thinking he probably had much more fun than I did, because I had to play the next day. But also, there was no animosity from him either way: guys at the top of their game are that way."

Paul's story sheds light on Alcaraz and how gracefully he took the loss. The Spaniard is a brutal competitor, and those sometimes struggle to accept losses. But he's a very respectful competitor.

He accepts that some players are simply better on some days, which is what this shows. He's shown multiple times in the past as well how he carries himself after a loss. He didn't lose many finals, but when he did, he was very respectful.


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