WATCH: After Bees In Indian Wells, Venus Williams' Match In Indian Wells Interrupted By Cat

WATCH: After Bees In Indian Wells, Venus Williams' Match In Indian Wells Interrupted By Cat

by Zachary Wimer

After bees stopped the play last week in Indian Wells, a cat did it this week at the Miami Open, leaving Venus Williams amused.

Tennis has become so popular recently that even wildlife can't resist the game. Last week, we saw something no one had ever seen on the tennis court before as bees invaded the court, stopping play in the match between Carlos Alcaraz and Alexander Zverev at the 2024 Indian Wells Open.

The players were forced to rush from the court to escape as play resumed later in the day after a beekeeper took care of the issue. A similar scene happened at the Miami Open on Day 1 of the main draw action.

The match between Venus Williams and Diana Shnaider was briefly stopped when a cat ran around the court. Luckily, though, cats don't come in swarms and are generally solitary animals, meaning they only dealt with one cat, which was courteous enough to leave the court without any catkeepers having the intervention.

The whole situation left veteran Venus Williams quite amused as she resumed her match a few moments after that. The match was interesting as the American once again produced a solid effort but once again lost to a better opponent.

With the play only starting in Miami, the cat's appearance is certainly a little concerning for the tournament organizers, especially after what happened in Indian Wells a few days ago.

A few years ago, an iguana appeared on the tennis court in Miami, and as far as Floridian wildlife is concerned, it wouldn't be surprising even if an alligator would invade a court.

Hopefully, the court invasion in tennis will return mostly to birds and raindrops, as it's been getting out of hand in recent weeks and even earlier this year with a venomous snake in Australia.


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