'Comeback Was Over 2 Years Ago': Muster on Thiem Expectations

'Comeback Was Over 2 Years Ago': Muster on Thiem Expectations

by Balasz Virag

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Thomas Muster talked about compatriot Dominic Thiem in a recent interview noting that his comeback hasn't gone well.

It's not really astrophysics to note that Dominic Thiem's comeback has not been going well but it's particularly disappointing for Muster who had high hopes for Thiem at this stage of his career. The wrist injury was a major problem for Thiem but there was more to it than just the injury.

When he returned he clearly lacked confidence and it took him months to get it back. Eventually, the Austrian managed to get back to winning ways but it will take him some time before he fully returns to his top ATP level.

Since then I've been hearing about the comeback, but the comeback was over two years ago. It was the sum of the bad decisions that made it. He broke up with everyone who meant well for him. And he wasn't fit for a match.

There were some major issues that Thiem needed to overcome and there were mistakes made. He admitted it openly himself a few times but now he has to work even harder to try and come back to his former level.

He will take part in some smaller challenger events in hopes of playing consecutive matches because he needs the reps. He promised earlier that he will try to regain his mantle as a clay specialist and this could be a good way to do it as the competition will be weaker.

Dominic is a player who needs a lot of repetitions, who has to grind everything in. And that's how it is: When you make a comeback, you have to be as good as before - and then even better, because tennis doesn't stand still.


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