'Tennis In Difficult Spot' Amid Uncertainty And Saudi Arabia Interest Says Murray

'Tennis In Difficult Spot' Amid Uncertainty And Saudi Arabia Interest Says Murray

by Zachary Wimer

Andy Murray talked about tennis ahead of his participation at the 2024 Dubai Championships, admitting it's in a difficult spot right now.

The future of anything is really unknown. It's something that is going to happen, so therefore, it's unknown. So when you say the future of tennis, you're speaking about hypotheticals. We don't know what is going to happen, even though humans have become pretty decent at predicting the future by now.

Very few people know the sport as well as Murray knows it. He's a legend of the sport who will find his name in the Tennis Hall of Fame one day. Even with all of that, Murray has no idea what is going to happen with tennis.

The National asked him about the future of the sport he loves, and he shared a lot of interesting information that might be unknown to a lot of people.

"Tennis is in a difficult spot just now because I don't think anyone knows exactly what's next. I know there's issues between Tennis Australia and the ATP; the Grand Slams and the ATP and the WTA."

"There's obviously been discussions with Saudi Arabia and the PIF; who's going to work with them and what's that going to look like? Will that be a tournament that happens there? Will it be multiple tournaments? Will there be like this ‘premier super tour’ that the Slams are creating with Saudi Arabia? I don't know."

The overall theme of his response was 'uncertainty'. There are a lot of moving parts right now, and all of them are moving in different directions. Whatever happens, fans will hope for the sport to remain unified as well as it can be. It's not very unified right now, and any further separation is likely not good news.

"I don't know what it’s going to look like. Everyone's looking out for their best interests and that's not always the best thing for the sport. Everyone is sort of fighting a bit with each other and it would be much easier if everyone actually worked together for the common good."

The Brit will now likely want to focus on his 2024 Dubai Championship campaign, where he was drawn against Denis Shapovalov in the first round.


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