'More Professional': Alcaraz Commends Work Ethic Of Rival Sinner

'More Professional': Alcaraz Commends Work Ethic Of Rival Sinner

by Zachary Wimer

Carlos Alcaraz has seemingly been overtaken by Jannik Sinner in recent months, and it's due to hard work, according to the Spaniard.

Alcaraz and Sinner practiced together before the start of this year, as their rivalry and respect are palpable. On the court, they are fierce rivals who have had some tremendous battles already.

Off the court, they're pretty friendly colleagues who respect each other tremendously. The Spaniard had some pretty nice words to say about Sinner, who seemingly overtook him last year and certainly played better this year so far.

Asked by MARCA what the secret was, Alcaraz responded that there was never any secret. If you work hard enough, there is a pretty good chance that good things will happen, and that's what happened to Sinner.

"I have always said that there is no secret. He has worked very hard and it shows. In every tournament he is very focused on the things he has to do, he is a hard worker."

"I told Juan Carlos (Ferrero) many times when we see him. If I compare him with the Sinner of before, he has changed to (become) more professional."

Alcaraz is a hard worker as well, but lately, he's been seemingly behind his rival. His motivation is not to be doubted, as the Spaniard is expected to bounce back pretty well in the coming weeks. Still, he recognizes how work Sinner works at the moment.

"Before he was (also), but now he is even more so, working every day and having things clear. The day-to-day work pays off and that is what has happened with Jannik Sinner and I am happy for him and his team."

He's certainly confident about getting to that level, but he'll have to match the Italian's effort. There are plenty of big events between now and Roland Garros, in which the two may meet.

"I don’t think I’m far away, but I still have to reach that level that I have already shown on many occasions, both in tennis and confidence, knowing how to manage certain moments."


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