Sinner Warned Rivals Are Not Scare Of His Unbeaten Streak

Sinner Warned Rivals Are Not Scare Of His Unbeaten Streak

by Erik Virostko

Jannik Sinner is still unbeaten in 2024, but rivals are seemingly not scared of him, as they hope to challenge him at the 2024 Indian Wells Open.

The Italian is having a sensational start to the season. He's yet to lose in 15 matches that he played, and including exhibitions and last year's wins, he's on a 20-match winning streak already.

Still, Sinner already lost this year, albeit in doubles, but even if he's confident at the first ATP Masters 1000 tournament of the year, his rival, Daniil Medvedev, knows that the streak will need to stop one day.

Even Novak Djokovic, who is already out of the tournament, once had a 43-match winning streak, but that stopped too, as it's virtually impossible for a player to go undefeated forever.

Medvedev knows this, and that's why he said after his most recent win at the event that Sinner's opponents are likely not thinking about the streak, knowing it doesn't mean match in practice, apart from the fact that his confidence is sky-high right now.

"At one moment it always stops. I think Novak has the record, 46 or something. Still, someone stopped him. I don't even know who it was. But if me or someone else is playing Jannik, I do think in the locker room doesn't make much."

If he does well enough at the event, the Russian could challenge Sinner, and he hopes to do so, as he believes he's capable of beating him and ending his streak.

"You know, you go on the court, you try to win. You know, the more wins, the more titles you have in your career, Grand Slams, whatever, the more you have the confidence in yourself that I could do it, that you can do it."

"Yeah, so not much more to add, for sure. Confidence helps him, but there is going to be someone who will stop him. Maybe not here; maybe later. If I play him, I will try my best to win."


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