Sinner Reveals Advice He Received From Federer During Unexpected Practice

Sinner Reveals Advice He Received From Federer During Unexpected Practice

by Zachary Wimer

Jannik Sinner never got to play Roger Federer in an official match, but he had previously stood with him on a court in Halle.

Sinner is also in Halle this year, kicking off what he hopes will be a very good grass season. It's been a wonderful season for him so far, and considering how well he's played on the surface in the past, it's destined to continue on grass.

A semi-final at Wimbledon last year proves that he's close to winning a major on the green surface, and he might just go all the way this year. If he follows the advice Federer gave him, then it's certainly more likely.

He talked about sharing the court with the Swiss Maestro ahead of the Halle Open because they did it exactly on the courts where he's set to play this year. It wasn't an official match but a warm-up for Federer before his match, but the Italian cherishes the moment greatly as they had never faced each other in an official match.

"I remember Luthi stopping me on the stairs of the hotel and asking me if I could warm [Federer] up for his match. I said, ‘Of course, yes.' It was a very good feeling, a special feeling. I didn't have the chance to play against Roger in an official match, and this is something that I will always miss, but I do remember the practice sessions with him."

"I didn't have many, so I do remember every single one, more or less. He gave me just kind of mental advice: Try to enjoy it and keep looking forward to working hard. That's the only thing he told me, and it was very nice to share a court with him."

He's certainly followed that advice throughout his career. Working hard comes naturally to him, and it's greatly paid off this year. He certainly enjoys the competition, even if he doesn't win; he treats them as valuable lessons.


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