Sinner Dismisses 'Advantage' Claims Of Playing Fewer Matches Than His Toronto Final Opponent

Sinner Dismisses 'Advantage' Claims Of Playing Fewer Matches Than His Toronto Final Opponent

by Sebastian Dahlman

Jannik Sinner dismissed claims of having an advantage by having played two less matches than Alex de Minaur in Toronto.

Sinner needed only three wins to get to the Canadian Open final as he was one of the top seeds at the event with a first round bye. Alex de Minaur didn't have that advantage as he had to play five matches in order to make the final.

Moreover, the Italian had a walkover in one of the rounds, getting a two-match advantage over his final opponent. Sinner dismissed that it was an advantage during his press conference after the win over Tommy Paul. The Italian wasn't particularly amused by the question explaining that he had late finishes at the event which affected his routines.

No, I don't think so. Yesterday, I finished late. I went to sleep quite late. So, you know, today my routine day was a little bit different. He has finished earlier, but, you know, it doesn't really matter, no? He has played good throughout the whole week, as I did.

A pretty solid retort from Sinner who is probably right. They're young professionals and they're going to be fine most of the time. Advantages are generally created during a match and on the court unless it's something like we have in Montreal. One finalist will play only one match today while the other will play two. In this case, as Sinner pointed out, they will be fine.

And I don't think we will struggle so much physically. Like, going into the court, it's going to be a physical match for sure, but let's see. But I don't think there is an advantage or a disadvantage.

The match will start at 16:00 local time with fans hoping for a good 2-3 hour battle. Sinner is hugely favoured against de Minaur but the Australian has been fantastic this week. Both have as Sinner showed maturity in his game, even when things didn't go his way so don't miss it.


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