Rune Reaches Maiden Grass Semifinals After Besting Musetti At Queen's Club

Rune Reaches Maiden Grass Semifinals After Besting Musetti At Queen's Club

by Evita Mueller

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Holger Rune is the winner of the next-gen clash in London as the Dane proved better than Musetti in two sets.

Rune never won a match on grass before this year going winless last year but he finally got it done earlier this week in Queen's. Now he's in his maiden grass semi-final at the 2023 Cinch Championships cruising past Lorenzo Musetti who once again didn't manage to turn a solid week into a final.

Neither of these players is known to play very strong tennis on grass but both have played surprisingly well. The start of this match saw Musetti take an early lead of 4-1 despite facing break points himself. It was a rather shaky start from both which came down to the lack of experience for both on it.

Rune battled back in spectacular fashion winning five games in a row to take the opening set 6-4 as Musetti struggled to outperform him in rallies. The Italian ran into a common problem for many players on grass and that's performing in rallies. Winning five games in a row on grass is hard to do but Rune got it done.

The second set was another interesting one as Musetti served really well winning the majority of points behind his opening shot. He wasn't good on his second serve winning only two of seven and that proved costly in the end. Rune for the most part faced dominated on his opening serve as well but similarly struggled on his second.

The difference was the break point conversion as he converted the only one he had while Musetti left two chances unused. Much of that conclusion happened in the final two games of the match as the Dane finished things off 6-4 7-5. A maiden semi-final is a match against Alex de Minaur. Great outing by Musetti with some impressive wins but not enough today.


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