Rune Breaks Down Impact Of Coaching Carousel On His Results

Rune Breaks Down Impact Of Coaching Carousel On His Results

by Zachary Wimer

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Holger Rune has had a pretty eventful year off the courts so far with many coaching changes, and he's happy with his setup now and looking to deliver some great performances on the courts.

The coaching carousel isn't something particularly new to Rune, as it's something that has been following him for a few months. 'Will they won't they' was the question when it came to Patrick Mouratoglou and him.

It seems like they truly will because Rune and the French coach teamed up once more recently. It's the third time they are working together after last year's multiple changes, and it comes after Boris Becker abruptly left his team a few weeks ago.

Only shortly before that, Severin Luthi, who joined at the end of the last year, also left his team. That was a very strange sequence of events, but now, the two are starting to work together for the third time.

Rune ultimately settling on Mouratoglou shouldn't be a huge surprise. He did look his best under him, but then struggles started, and that's why also the two split.

We'll see how it goes this time around, but the first match under him at the 2024 Mexican Open in Acapulco went pretty well, and Rune seems happy with the setup.

"I'm very happy with my setup now, it's what I wanted, and now just let's make the racket speak."

They parted for a second time last year when the young Dane lost multiple consecutive matches, so this time around, there's certainly more knowledge about the inner workings of both sides. In fact, Rune does agree with the sentiment that stability matters a lot.

"Yes, for sure. It's important to have stability. It's the same with coaches, with personal life, with family, with everything. In tennis also, if you're not consistent in the rallies, you're going to miss."


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