'Only One Guy Knows When It's Time For Murray To Stop' According To Connors

'Only One Guy Knows When It's Time For Murray To Stop' According To Connors

by Zachary Wimer

Legendary ATP player Jimmy Connors wouldn't speculate on the ever-looming retirement of Andy Murray because there is only one person who knows when it will be over.

Ever since Murray committed to playing tennis regularly, talks about his retirement have been looming. One bad injury and the Brit would be done; however, he's managed to squeeze some rather spectacular showings in the meantime.

No, it's not the old Murray, who reached the world no. 1 rank, but what he's been able to do with the hand he was dealt has been rather incredible. Lately, though, it's been a bit strange.

He had a huge winning dry spell dating back to October of last year, and he only ended it recently in Doha. He won a pretty significant match in Dubai, and it's trending in the right direction.

Even so, retirement questions are a constant for the Brit. It won't change because it is looming, especially after a few hints dropped here and there. For former player Jimmy Connors, the talk about it is getting annoying.

"There's only one guy who's going to know when it's time for Andy Murray to stop and that's him. Yeah, you know you've got these armchair quarterbacks sitting back saying, you know, he's too old, he's too, this, he's not what he used to be."

Murray is older, and he's not playing as well, but retiring him before he does it makes very little sense. Connor's sentiment is very similar to what Tim Henman said before. Just let the guy be and appreciate him while he's here. It's his choice when he'll stop.

"Everybody gets older, but you remember him for all the great things that he did, all the Wimbledons and Olympic medal and things like that, and let him worry about how he wants to go out."


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