Rublev Feels He 'Didn't Deserve' Wimbledon Support Because Of Being Russian

Rublev Feels He 'Didn't Deserve' Wimbledon Support Because Of Being Russian

by Sebastian Dahlman

Andrey Rublev's Wimbledon run came to an end against Novak Djokovic, and he reflected on the event after his match.

Andrey Rublev wasn't in London last year as he was banned from the event due to his Russian nationality. It was a devastating blow for him as he campaigned tirelessly, trying to find a solution for Russians to be able to play, but nothing ultimately worked.

Some of the suggestions Rublev had was to donate all of their prize money towards Ukraine, which was a noble offer from the Russian but it's unclear whether he had any support from his compatriots and colleagues on the ATP & WTA Tour. Just recently, a report came out that Rublev apparently clashed with good friend Karen Khachanov over the War in Ukraine.

He returned this year and produced a solid effort making his way to the quarter-final eventually losing to Djokovic. He was asked about his feelings about being back in London after not being able to play here last year.

I don't know, to be honest. Of course, last year I was set not to play one of the best tournaments in our sport. But being here this year, I felt grateful. I'm happy that I was able to give really, really good two weeks of my tennis. I'm happy that I was able I think for the first time to did my best quarterfinal so far compare all the rest quarters that I did. This one I feel proud of myself for the first time.

Rublev on returning to Wimbledon

The Russian received a warm welcome from fans which surprised some of the players. He admitted that he felt great support during his stay, something that actually surprised him as he doesn't feel deserving of it.

Yeah, I felt really great support during all these two weeks. Today, as well. Is like I was saying, to be from the country where I am, to have this support, it's special. I don't know, I feel sometimes I don't deserve it or something like that. To have it, I don't know... I don't know what you need to do to have this support. I'm really grateful for this.

A reporter read his comments as if he felt bad about being Russian. The reporter in question used the word guilty, but Rublev dismissed that word explaining that it's just a terrible feeling for the overall situation and all those involved. He wants it to end as soon as possible.

No. I mean, I don't know what to say. I did so many statements. I think my opinion is very clear, so. It's not guilty. It's more just the situation is terrible. Of course, you don't wish this to anyone. You want these, I don't know, terrible things to be able to finish as fast as possible for all the people in the world just to have a chance to have a good life.

Rublev on the War


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