'Roger's The Best': Courier Explains Why Federer Is So Easy To Interview

'Roger's The Best': Courier Explains Why Federer Is So Easy To Interview

by Evita Mueller

Jim Courier has interviewed many players over the years, and the former ATP player finds Roger Federer the best to talk to.

The Big Three have been compared in many ways, so why not compare them according to their interview prowess? It's not really an important thing, but it adds to the perception of a very complete image for an athlete.

If you can speak well, then it certainly adds more to it. We've seen players improve significantly over the years in their speaking ways, and it's just a nice way for fans to get to know the players better.

Roger Federer has always seemed very approachable, and this was confirmed by Jim Courier, who talked to him many times and revealed it in a talk with the Tennis Channel. He called him the best among the players which we've heard for many things, not just speaking.

Look, Roger's the best. He's so easy to talk to, and happy and puts everyone at ease. It was a weird interview cause it wasn't all my questions. Normally when I talk to Roger, I'm isolated and I just do my thing. This one was very heavily produced.

But it was cool because there were crowd questions and there were some video questions. So it had a rhythm. There's a little, little difference, but none of that phase is Roger. He just keeps giving you great content.

Courier mentioned their most recent interview they did at the Laver Cup, which was heavily produced, as he said. It's not the type of interview Courier generally does, but Federer's ability to adapt to anything and everything helped him settle in nicely as well.

Federer has been retired for a while but is not out of the spotlight. He was honored in Shanghai recently and will continue to play a big role in tennis because his name is synonymous with the sport and will remain so for a very long time.


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