Roger Federer rules out any chance of making a tennis comeback saying 'that's not for me'

Roger Federer rules out any chance of making a tennis comeback saying 'that's not for me'

by Tom Grant

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There will be many around the tennis universe who will still be of a mindset that says 'never say never.'

Those old romantics who long for yesteryear; the good old days; moments gone but not in anyway forgotten.

Roger Federer was the man who produced an abundance of those magical moments during his time gracing tennis courts the world over, but something the all-time great said just before his retirement seems to point that there will be no way back for the 20-time Grand Slam champion.

The Swiss great waved an emotional farewell to the sport at last year's Laver Cup after finally succumbing to a reoccurring knee problem, an issue that had seen him go under the knife on no less than three occasions.

And any hope of seeing Federer on a competitive court again appear to have been extinguished after website unearthed words he spoke to CNBC when speaking about an art project he was involved with while recovering from his last surgery.

When pressed about his thoughts on the curtain-call of a career, Federer said:

"I'm not a big comeback fan. I'll never retire and come back. It's not something for me, squeeze that lemon out and when the last drop is out, I'll know I'm done."

Words that leave no doubt that Federer's racket is well and truly hung up, his sandwiches firmly wrapped in newspaper and his jacket on. He's done. Gone. Finitio.

He added:

"If you would have told me three or four years ago, that 2021-22 you'll have three knee surgeries and still coming back, I'd have been like, 'Are you crazy?'."

Federer has been enjoying himself during his post-tennis career, recently seen as fashion shows and playing a bit of Paddle in Dubai.

But he is and will always remain a one man maker of memories and moments for so many around the globe.


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