'Really High Ambitions': Rune Wants To Progress Even Faster Despite Existing Success

'Really High Ambitions': Rune Wants To Progress Even Faster Despite Existing Success

by Kadir Macar

Holger Rune has been rising through the ranks on the ATP Tour rather quickly but he's motivated to do even more in the coming months.

Rune showed himself as a promising player pretty early on his career but it wasn't until last year that he really took the proper leap. His biggest trophy came last year at the Paris Masters when he defeated Novak Djokovic in the final and it was a proof that he arrived among the best in the world.

His rise was rather quick, not as quick as that of Carlos Alcaraz but still pretty quick compared to some of his peers. Some tough lessons were learned along the way but it's part of the process which he always embraced. It's something he's appreciative of but he's also motivated to progress even further in the coming months after reaching his maiden Wimbledon quarterfinals.

I stay in the moment and I'm really, really eager to improve. To be honest, it doesn't feel like I'm going really fast. But also, you see Alcaraz, he's doing even better than me.

Rune has a lot of passion for the sport of tennis. It's something many have praised though some find his approach cocky. It's a fine line and you're never going to be liked by everybody but he does have a lot of hunger to be even better. Pushing every day and searching for new ways to improve is very important for the Danish rising star.

It's in a different way. I feel like I'm pushing every day. Of course, I admire the good results I make, but I have really high ambitions. I always search for more.

That passion for the sport allowed him to turn himself from a player without a win on the grass a few weeks ago to a player that will now contest the Wimbledon quarter-final. The chance to do so comes after he defeated Grigor Dimitrov in the 4th round. He will face Carlos Alcaraz who defeated Matteo Berrettini.


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