Rafael Nadal Opens Up About His Worries Ahead Of Anticipated Tennis Comeback

Rafael Nadal Opens Up About His Worries Ahead Of Anticipated Tennis Comeback

by Evita Mueller

Rafael Nadal is returning to tennis in about a month at the Brisbane International, but there were some doubts before he confirmed it.

For weeks we've had speculation about whether Rafael Nadal will come back to tennis or not. It really resembled the weeks leading up to Roland Garros where we also had tons of speculation about something nobody could possibly know.

This was the same thing, although we have hints here and there that Nadal will be coming back pretty soon. He ultimately posted an update on social media confirming his comeback at the Brisbane event. Even if Nadal is one of the best players in history, he had his doubts before doing so.

Nadal himself laid out some of that in the video where he admitted that there was doubt, fear and anything in between.

I have been afraid to announce things because in the end it's a year without competing and it's a hip operation but what worries me most is not the hip, it's everything else. I think I'm ready. I trust and hope that things go well and that it gives me the opportunity to enjoy myself on the court. It's been a long time so I hope, first of all, to feel again those nerves, that illusion, those fears, those doubts.

Nobody can guarantee Nadal that the comeback will go well because nobody knows. He himself doesn't know but that's part of the thrill. He worked really hard to get back and now it's about testing how well he prepared in practice.

It could be good, it could be bad but we'll see what happens. The Brisbane International will be first tournament on his calendar after which he'll play at the Australian Open and then he'll probably assess where he stands. Let's hope it goes well and we have a full year with the legend.


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