What To (Not) Expect From Rafael Nadal On His Tennis Comeback In 2024

What To (Not) Expect From Rafael Nadal On His Tennis Comeback In 2024

by Evita Mueller

Tennis legend Rafael Nadal is returning to tennis, so what should we expect from the Spaniard in about a month?

The last time Rafael Nadal stood on a tennis court was earlier this year. We're closing up on a full 365 days since then but won't hit the mark because he will return before the calendar hits that 365th day.

Nadal finally confirmed his comeback with a sort of hype video posted on social media where he confirmed his comeback.

As reported a few days ago, Nadal will make his comeback at the Brisbane International, which will serve as a prep event for him. Having basically missed an entire year of tennis will make it hard for Nadal to find his best tennis quickly, which is what this preparation event is for.

It's still unlikely that he will find his best tennis so quickly, but Nadal should never be discounted. Remember what happened the year he won the Australian Open?

He was coming back from an injury, and nobody expected much out of him, but he won the event. That can happen again, even though it's very unlikely. Australia has been a tough spot for him to play because the conditions don't really suit his style of play.

We'll see what happens in Brisbane and how quickly he finds his footing, but he's been practicing for a while. He's taking this comeback seriously, as his offseason schedule shows.

We'll see how it goes, but so much in tennis depends on rhythm and confidence. Neither will be present initially and will take some time to build up.

As a legendary player, Nadal will likely do it quicker than most, but it will be enough to win. Rick Macci doesn't think so, as he revealed in an exclusive interview with us.

There are so many great players right now, and we should expect good stuff from Nadal by the time clay comes around. Winning Roland Garros would be a swan song for him. Don't forget the Olympics as well.


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