Rafael Nadal Congratulates Carlos Alcaraz On His Maiden Wimbledon Title

Rafael Nadal Congratulates Carlos Alcaraz On His Maiden Wimbledon Title

by Balasz Virag

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Carlos Alcaraz proved to be great once more by beating Novak Djokovic in the 2023 Wimbledon final, and Rafael Nadal congratulated him on the win.

When Alcaraz arrived in London a few weeks ago, he expressed serious doubts about possibly beating Novak Djokovic on grass. He described it as something less likely to happen compared to other surfaces. Even so, Alcaraz didn't become the youngest number one on the ATP Tour ever simply by being a solid tennis player.

He became it by being a generational talent whom Mats Wilander called the most exciting tennis player to ever walk a tennis court. That's very high praise for a teenager but he's been proving the Swede right. After losing to Djokovic in Paris due to cramps, Alcaraz followed up on his promise and delivered a different outcome this time around.

Despite all the doubt, the Spaniard won the 2023 Wimbledon Championships by beating Novak Djokovic in five sets. It was a fantastic performance, one for the ages and one his compatriot Rafael Nadal recognized on social media.

Enhorabuena @carlosalcaraz . Nos has dado una alegría inmensa hoy y seguro que nuestro pionero en el tenis español, Manolo Santana, también ha estado animando allá dónde esté como de Wimbledon al que hoy te has unido. Un abrazo muy fuerte y a disfrutar del momento ¡¡¡Campeón!!

Nadal on Twitter

Congratulations Carlos Alcaraz. You have given us immense joy today and I am sure that our pioneer in Spanish tennis, Manolo Santana, has also been cheering wherever he is, such as Wimbledon whom you have joined today. A very strong hug and enjoy the moment, Champion!!!

Nadal's message translated into English

Nadal knows what it feels like to win Wimbledon, especially as a player whose tennis wasn't considered a great fit on the surface. The same things were said for Alcaraz as well, but the Spaniard proved himself right, and all of those people that doubted him wrong.


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