Photos Of Djokovic Picking Up Elbow Injury Emerge

Photos Of Djokovic Picking Up Elbow Injury Emerge

by Alfredo Bassanelli

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The exact moment when Novak Djokovic picked up his elbow injury at the 2023 Monte-Carlo Masters was revealed.

The 22-time Grand Slam champion suffered a surprising third-round loss to Lorenzo Musetti in Monte Carlo. What was initially brushed off as a simple defeat has now taken a new turn with the emergence of images suggesting Djokovic picked up an elbow injury during the tournament.

Djokovic's return to the court after a hiatus was highly anticipated. However, the Monte-Carlo Masters has historically been an elusive event for the Serbian, with his performance this year proving to be no exception.

When confronted about a potential injury after his match against Musetti, Djokovic dismissed the notion, stating: "I cannot say nothing (about it). I’m okay. I’m fine. Congrats to him. We move on."

Despite his insistence, keen-eyed tennis fans couldn't help but notice the sleeve Djokovic donned on his elbow during both practice sessions in Monte Carlo and his match against Musetti. This sparked speculation about a possible underlying injury that may have hindered his performance.

The speculation was seemingly confirmed when photographer Corinne Debruil shared revealing images of Djokovic practicing with Matteo Berrettini on Sunday. The photos capture Djokovic in visible pain while clutching his right elbow after attempting a backhand.

The images add a new dimension to the story, suggesting that Djokovic may have been playing through an injury during his match against Musetti. While Djokovic's loss at the Monte-Carlo Masters is undoubtedly disappointing, fans can take solace in knowing that their champion gave it his all, even when faced with adversity.

As the tennis world awaits further updates on Djokovic's condition, one can only hope for a swift recovery and a triumphant return to the court. The 22-time Grand Slam champion's refusal to use his injury as an excuse highlights his professionalism and dedication, but he will be surely focusing on the recovery in the coming days.


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