'One Of the Most Talented Players' Alcaraz Is Going To Be 'Hard To Beat' Says Tsitsipas

'One Of the Most Talented Players' Alcaraz Is Going To Be 'Hard To Beat' Says Tsitsipas

by Kadir Macar

Carlos Alcaraz isn't the best player on grass but he's one of the most talented players Stefanos Tsitsipas ever saw.

And that's why the Greek explained that Alcaraz is going to be hard to beat at Wimbledon and everywhere else. Alcaraz demonstrated his talent against Stefanos Tsitsipas at the 2021 US Open beating the Greek player in five sets. One year later he would lift the trophy and become world number one, things that elude the Greek as of now.

In a recent talk with AS, Tsitsipas talked about Alcaraz who defeated Tsitsipas in all five of their matches on the ATP Tour. Two of those happened this year and both were straight sets wins for Alcaraz.

One was the Barcelona Open final while the other was Roland Garros quarter-final recently. Tsitsipas actually only won 3 of the 15 played sets against Alcaraz indicating a serious matchup problem.

Carlos has shown us that tennis is a more intense sport than we expected. Rafa [Nadal] brought something new with his tennis. I think Carlos, now, is young blood, he runs very fast, he hits the ball very hard. One of the most talented players I have ever seen. He's going to be hard to beat. I know he is very good.

Tsitsipas on Alcaraz

Despite not being the best on grass, Alcaraz will be in contention for the event. There are not many players that really could hurt Djokovic on the surface but after his recent showing at the Queen's Club where he lifted the trophy, Alcaraz certainly looks like one of those that could hurt him.

The Spaniard faces Jeremy Chardy in the first round, a very tricky player who has been known to put together some good performances on grass. It's unlikely that the veteran will give Alcaraz too much trouble but he will be a very good warm-up for the Spaniard.


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