"Not for my tantrums but my personality" - Medvedev on being remembered

"Not for my tantrums but my personality" - Medvedev on being remembered

by Sebastian Dahlman

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Daniil Medvedev apologized for his on-court tantrums during his match against Alexander Zverev promising to learn from them.

Medvedev ranted about the courts in Indian Wells since the start of this event. He ranted some more during his match against Zverev calling them a disgrace for being called 'hard courts'. They are slow, Medvedev is completely right but they have been slow for years. It's nothing new yet the Russian was not happy with it and he let it be known.

I feel like many times I'm capable of -- I mean, the thing is that you cannot constantly do, let's call it, errors and then apologize and say, You see, I apologize so that's mature. No, but I'm capable of seeing many times my mistakes. Sometimes not.

Medvedev on making mistakes

Sometimes if a person comes to me and says, 'You did a mistake.' I say, 'No, I don't think so.' Then that's also your opinion. But sometimes I'm capable of seeing this, and then telling myself, 'Okay, maybe next time I have to try to do better.'

He's not particularly thrilled with his tantrums on the court and doesn't want to be remembered by them. He'd like to be remembered for his personality which is quite lively and entertaining overall. Many fans do enjoy it but some don't.

But that's something I'm going to try to work throughout my whole career, because I want to be remembered not definitely for my tantrums but more for my game and for my good parts of my personality.

He touched upon his attitude against Ivashka and today noting that it's immature but it's just his character. He's trying to work through it and the hyper-competitive environment of tennis doesn't really help with it but it's a process.

The attitude I had on the court today and with Ivashka was immature. But, yeah, what else can I say? That's also this high-intensity sport where you are one on one against the opponent brings the heat out of you. Some players are capable of controlling it better than the others. Some are controlling it less, like me. So, yeah, that's my character, and that's my personality, also.


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