Nick Kyrgios Teases Highly-Anticipated Tennis Comeback

Nick Kyrgios Teases Highly-Anticipated Tennis Comeback

by Erik Virostko

Nick Kyrgios will be coming back to tennis in 2024 and he confirmed that he's working towards that goal.

After having probably the best season of his tennis career in 2022, the Australian didn't enjoy much time on the tennis court, as he played only one ATP Tour-level match in 2023, and he's yet to compete in 2024.

That's certainly not the trajectory he expected after reaching the Wimbledon final in 2022, a moment that he still remembers and thinks about every day.

In 2024, Kyrgios will attempt to return to the tennis courts once again, and he's been asked about his comeback plans during recent talk with the AO Show, telling his fans that he'll soon give them a reason to cheer.

"Just hang tight. I’ll be back on court soon and I’ll give you a little bit more to cheer about, that’s for sure. It’s arguably been one of the hardest years of my life tennis wise."

"Everything else has been amazing, I can’t complain about anything else. But tennis wise, I’ve had some really hard conversations with myself. Like why am I doing all this? Like I don’t have to do it, but I’m doing it for some reason. So I know there’s still fire in the belly, which is good."

The Australian admitted that he had to have conversation with himself about whether he had a reason to continue, but after he established that he did, he got back to work, with him returning to the tennis courts already these days.

"I’m hitting for the first time next week, so as soon as I get back out on court, I guess it’s just going to be starting up, getting that load back through my wrist and my body. But look, I definitely will be coming back. It’s just hard to put an exact date on it because the injury was quite severe."

Still, Kyrgios wasn't ready to put specific timeline on his recovery, however, one thing he knows is that he won't have high expectations of himself, as he knows that it will take time to get back to his top shape.

"I’m getting to the point of my career where I know that I’ve had a lot of success and many athletes don’t even have a quarter the success of that, so it’s selfish for me to come back and demand to be making Wimbledon finals again. I’m going to take my time, come back and just enjoy being back out there."


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