Nadal Suggests Barcelona Open Participation Was His Last After Loss To De Minaur

Nadal Suggests Barcelona Open Participation Was His Last After Loss To De Minaur

by Zachary Wimer

Rafael Nadal lost to Alex de Minaur at the 2024 Barcelona Open, and after the loss, he hinted that it was the final time he played in Barcelona.

Reading too much into Nadal's words is very counterproductive at this time because he doesn't even know what the future holds. Most of what he says is how he feels and sees things in the moment, but obviously, things can change for the better or for the worse at any moment.

This year's Barcelona Open experience wasn't a fairytale for Nadal, as he was only able to play two matches. He won the first one comfortably but couldn't bring the same level to the second one, so he was beaten by de Minaur.

Before the ATP 500 event, Nadal suggested that this was likely his last time in Barcelona, and now, following the loss to the Australian, he has hinted at it again.

"I have played this tournament as if it were my last Godó, although you never know what the future holds for you. Life is showing you the path and, in my case, life is showing the path for me in a quite clear way. My feelings on the court have been good, according to how I came, at times I have played at a fairly decent level."

Nadal at the presser

We'll see what the future holds for Nadal, but all in all, this was a positive week for him. He was quite dismissive about being considered a favourite for the event, admitting that it's about getting on the court for him now. He'll think about winning later if he plays enough matches to know he's fit to play.

"The main thing, unfortunately, right now is not to win, but to get out of the tournament healthy. This has been achieved. I was always aware that everything has a beginning and an end, there is no drama. The only sad thing is not to play this tournament again at a professional level, I would have loved to fight for this tournament one more time."


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