Nadal 'Commands Most Respect' Out Of Big Three According To Schwartzman

Nadal 'Commands Most Respect' Out Of Big Three According To Schwartzman

by Erik Virostko

Diego Schwartzman thinks that Rafael Nadal is the most intimidating out of the Big Three because of the way he approaches the matches.

The Big Three has dominated the sport for over two decades, as they have been the three best players in the history of the ATP Tour, and it's just impossible to say who was the best.

Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, and Rafael Nadal are all unique, but they have certain strengths compared to the other. According to Diego Schwartzman, who spoke on ESPN’s Generation F, Nadal's is the respect that he brings with him onto the tennis court.

"I think Rafa, of the three, is the one who commands the most respect when you enter the court. It's like you enter the court a little more defeated."

The Argentinian then explained that while he believes that Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer could have been caught off-guard during their bad days, that was never the case with Nadal, who plays every rally like it is his last.

"With the others, if you catch Djokovic angry one day or if he grabs a couple of balls and has moments of frustration, and Federer, being so relaxed, sometimes gives you options to get into the match."

"But Nadal, from the moment you start playing with him, from the beginning to the end, it seems like it is the last point of his career. It's hard."

Schwartzman was just full of praise for Nadal, and it's also maybe because the Argentinian prefers to play on the clay courts that he can have so much respect for what the legendary Spaniard has been able to do on that surface.

"He commands so much respect in you that sometimes you say, ‘How do I do it?’ And he handles that perfectly, because it makes him take fewer shots than Federer or Djokovic and he keeps winning. It is very difficult to sustain what he does from the first minute"


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