Murray To Start Injury Comeback At Challenger Event In France

Murray To Start Injury Comeback At Challenger Event In France

by Zachary Wimer

Andy Murray will return from injury next week at the Bordeaux Challenger event in France, his first clay event this year.

Murray last played at the Miami Open, where he injured himself in a match against Tomas Machac. It was a nicely played match by Murray, one he almost won, but the Brit lost and injured himself. It was unfortunate because his initial prognosis was not good, and there was a chance that he might miss some events in the summer.

He hasn't played since then but returned to practices some time ago. Many were stunned that he returned on clay instead of grass because it signalled an intention to play on that surface. Obviously the Brit admitted earlier this year that this year will be it for him so playing Roland Garros one final time kind of makes sense.

Well, the comeback is on, and it will happen next week in Bordeaux, as he'll take part in the Challenger event there. That's not that surprising because Murray did this before. Last year, he played some clay challengers and even won one in Aix.

He didn't return this year as the defending champion even though he was practicing at the time. Obviously, he needed more time to get ready, and now he's ready to attempt. Maybe this is more like a check to see whether he's truly fit enough to play on the surface.

If he doesn't like what happens once he returns, he might just opt not to play at Roland Garros, though this is all speculation. He hasn't really spoken about any of his plans yet, but the BBC confirmed his comeback, so we'll see how it goes.

Maybe he opts to play at the Geneva Open after this challenger or he just goes to Paris early. Time will tell.


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