Marseille Open Organizers Under Fire For How They Announced Sinner's Withdrawal

Marseille Open Organizers Under Fire For How They Announced Sinner's Withdrawal

by Jordan Reynolds

The organizers of next week's Marseille Open have faced a backlash for how they broke the news of Jannik Sinner's withdrawal.

The entry list for the Marseille Open is still strong despite Sinner's decision not to play. It includes Andy Murray and Grigor Dimitrov, as well as many other exciting players for the fans to enjoy watching.

Sinner achieved the biggest breakthrough of his career by winning the 2024 Australian Open. It was a huge moment for the 22-year-old, and Nick Kyrgios thinks Sinner could be unstoppable after that triumph.

The Italian was set to be the No. 1 seed for the ATP 250 tournament in France. But understandably, he feels he would rather have some extra rest after his efforts in Melbourne, leading to Sinner's withdrawal from the Marseille Open.

However, the organizers in Marseille did not seem to take such a charitable view of Sinner's decision. A tweet was put out announcing the withdrawal that drew the ire of many fans on social media.

The original tweet, which can be seen below, read "Sinner snubs Open 13 Provence" in French, and was also accompanied by a shocked emoji and a somewhat unflattering image of Sinner, who looks disappointed in the picture.

In addition, the same tweet also stated that the event is in negotiations with Alexander Zverev, who has recently answered questions about abuse allegations against him, although he has not been impressed when asked about it.

Many felt that the tweet was unnecessarily harsh. Usually, such withdrawals are accompanied by a message wishing the player well and expressing a hope to see them next year, but that was the opposite of the tone used by the Marseille Open.

That tweet was deleted, but its replacement was only slightly altered. "Sinner withdraws" was used instead of "Sinner snubs", but all the other parts of the tweet were kept the same in the new tweet.

Likely, the tournament organizers may have reduced their chances of securing Sinner's services in future years as a result.


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