Kyrgios Told 'Come To Pickleball You Might Break Into Top 10' After Sarcastic Comments

Kyrgios Told 'Come To Pickleball You Might Break Into Top 10' After Sarcastic Comments

by Zachary Wimer

Nick Kyrgios poked fun at a comment made by a former tennis player who turned into a pickleball pro, and the player fired back at him.

The Australian is active on X (formerly Twitter), and he has no qualms about poking fun at a current pickleball player, Christian Alshon, for his take on tennis and pickleball.

The Australian actually likes pickleball, and he invested in it, which he had to defend on social media after some people poked fun at it. But now, he had to defend the sport that made him famous.

A former tennis player, who switched over to pickleball commented on X that the sport made him a better athlete compared to tennis and that it requires more skill than tennis.

"Pickleball has made me a much better athlete than Tennis ever did. Faster reaction time and speed are needed since the ball is only coming from 10 feet away. Point for point, pickleball requires more skill than tennis."

The former pro's comment

Kyrgios ridiculed that, mentioning Roger Federer and his talent. Obviously, as a tennis player, Kyrgios does feel a certain way about the sport he plays, and that's one of the reasons why he also likely defended it.

"Yeah. Let’s hide under the bed after this statement hahahaha bro get me the best pickleball player and compare his talent to Roger Federer. Wild tweet, wild thought. Delete right now. I love pickle. But you had too many tequilas."

Despite Kyrgios' response, Alshon didn't really hold back and invited Kyrgios to pickleball, sarcastically adding that he could maybe break into the Top 10 in the sport, something he didn't manage to do in tennis.

"We’ve barely scratched the surface of pickleball’s potential. Imagine if pickleball had more athletes like Federer, Djokovic, and Alcaraz. Then we could compare. Come to pickleball, you might be able to break the top 10."


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