Kei Nishikori Pushes Back Comeback Yet Again

Kei Nishikori Pushes Back Comeback Yet Again

by Balasz Virag

Kei Nishikori has been out of action since undergoing hip surgery last year and it's been a slow return to tennis.

Hip injuries can be very tricky to overcome due to the complicated nature of the injuries. Everybody knows Murray's story with hip injuries, Rafael Nadal's hip injury this year ended up being a huge problem with him still not ready to play and pulling out of Roland Garros.

Nishikori has dealt with a hip injury as well and he's yet to come back to tennis after undergoing surgery last year. He was supposed to make his comeback at a few events in the US however that has been pushed back a bit again.

The Little Rock Challenger and the Tyler Challenger are too soon for him to come back so he'll skip those and return in Puerto Rico which is the 3rd ATP Challenger event he planned to play in his initial schedule that he posted a few weeks ago.

Little update. My training is going well. I am increasing my hitting both in timing and intensity. I have decided with my team however that the Little Rock and Tyler challengers are coming too fast and I will have to cancel them. The goal is to start in Palmas del Mar.

It's been a long process for Nishikori who planned to come back months ago. First, it was the Delray Beach Open but then that plan was abandoned. He then confirmed his comeback to come in the next two months however that too was abandoned. Hopefully, this plan will finally come true and the fan favourite makes a return to the sport.

It would also calm Nadal fans down after a very stressfull few weeks that culminate with his withdrawal from Roland Garros due to basically the same injury Nishikori had.


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