'Keep That Secret': Rune Refuses To Reveal Changes Made After Becker's Appointment

'Keep That Secret': Rune Refuses To Reveal Changes Made After Becker's Appointment

by Sebastian Dahlman

Holger Rune is playing much better tennis right now after hiring Boris Becker, but he wouldn't comment on what changes were made.

Rune began this year under Patrick Mouratoglou, who helped him take the next step last year. It was going really well for a while, but things fell apart quickly after Wimbledon. He lost multiple matches in a row, and while he did deal with some physical issues, his level was just terrible.

He had no confidence in his play and ultimately split with the French coach to go back to his old coach. That didn't last long either, as Rune ultimately hired Boris Becker recently, which surprised many.

Even so, they seemed like a good match on paper, and it's been going really well so far. Rune played his best event in months in Basel recently and looked really good in his first match at the Paris Masters.

He sat down with Eurosport for an exclusive interview where he talked about many things, including the coaching change that brought about change.

One of the questions Rune was asked was about the shift that happened in the way he approached matches, but he didn't want to say. We're going to see it on the courts, according to the Danish number one.

We will keep that a secret. You will all see on the court. I think that's important. You cannot have me [with] one opinion, he's another opinion, you have to go in the same direction and that’s we're doing.

Rune on things Becker changed in his game

Well, whatever it is, it's been working so far, as Rune won more matches in the last ten days than in the previous couple of months. He's looking confident in his tennis again, and that's half the battle. He was very unsure of his approach before the coaching change.


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