Jannik Sinner vs Holger Rune: 2023 ATP Finals - Preview & Prediction

Jannik Sinner vs Holger Rune: 2023 ATP Finals - Preview & Prediction

by Evita Mueller

Jannik Sinner is going to play his second ATP Finals but the first one as a regular member and not an alternate, so what happens when he faces fellow young gun Holger Rune? Find out in the preview below.

Sinner and Rune are two very interesting players who subscribe to the same tennis philosophy. Offense is everything when it comes to them because they like being in control of a rally and then possibly finishing it off on their own terms as well.

That's why their matches so far have been really entertaining but the interesting thing is that Sinner didn't have much success. It's an interesting thing to observe because the Italian is the better pure hitter out of the two players.

Rune does tend to have a bit more control overall, which I think matters against a streaky player like Sinner. Sure, his best will absolutely crush you, but you can outlast him throughout 2-3 sets. That's what happened in their most recent match.


So their most recent match happened earlier this year in Monaco, where Sinner won the opening set 6-1 but then lost in three. That's Rune's chance, especially when Sinner is peaking in recent weeks.

He's certainly in better shape than Rune, but the Dane looked pretty good in Paris. Having played in Turin should be a benefit to Sinner, but he lost both matches to Rune, so who knows?


It's a tough one, but somehow you have to go with Sinner because there are so many things pointing towards it. From the current form, the familiarity with the court, and just generally he has had a better year overall.

There is something in Rune's game that bothers Sinner clearly, but everything is setting up for him to have a huge showing in the finals and I think he'll get it done.

Prediction: Jannik Sinner to win in three sets.


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