'My Parents Made A Good Decision': Rybakina On Becoming Tennis Pro

'My Parents Made A Good Decision': Rybakina On Becoming Tennis Pro

by Nurein Ahmed

Elena Rybakina is one of the best tennis players on the WTA Tour, but strangely enough, tennis wasn't her first choice of sport.

Rybakina was born in Moscow to Russian parents and briefly represented Russia during her teenage years before she switched her allegiance to Kazakhstan shortly after becoming a pro. But before she even picked up a racket, she was originally a gymnast and even practiced ice skating.

After being deemed too tall for gymnastics even in her tender years, Rybakina ended up with a wand at the suggestion of his father Andre who was a tennis fanatic. Rybakina's mother Ekaterina is reported to have played tennis at a professional level in the 90s.

Looking back, Rybakina, now 24, and ranked in the world's Top 5, is thankful for the advice that her parents imparted to her and is grateful for their support on tour. Tennis is such a demanding sport for players and they don't spend a lot of time with their families while on tour.

It is natural that they would miss people who represent a vital pillar in their lives. But Rybakina finds a way to stay in touch with them and always relies on their guidance when she has to make a life-changing decision. Speaking while at the Billie Jean King Cup Finals, the Wimbledon champion spoke glowingly about her parents.

"My parents they did a really good decision and helped me a lot. When I was young I knew I was going to be a professional so it was quite easy on me. I think I had a normal childhood with school and friends. My mom is someone who I look up to, and sometimes there are tough moments and tough decisions, my parents and her especially she is the one who helped me a lot."

Rybakina speaking at the BJKC Finals


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