Jannik Sinner comes back to win against Carlos Alcaraz in Umag

Jannik Sinner comes back to win against Carlos Alcaraz in Umag

by Drew Tate

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The defending champion of Umag failed to defend his trophy and we have a new king in Istria named Jannik Sinner.

This was a very interesting matchup because they played an interesting match at Wimbledon not long ago. The Italian won that match and he was able to win this match in a truly spectacular manner. The opening set did not resemble a clay match at all with both players dominating on their serve. We did not see a single break point in the set and it finished in the tiebreak.

It started with both winning points on their serve as they both served really well. At one point Alcaraz demolish two returns which completely turned to score in his favour. Sinner was able to pull it back to 5-6 and he played a superb point but Alcaraz returned an incredible attack by Sinner that won him a 'lost' point and secured the set.

The Spaniard had a chance to take an early break at the start of the 2nd set as he had a 40-0 lead on Sinner's serve. He would have six break points in total in that game but convert neither. His game completely collapsed after that as Sinner won five games in a row to close out the set 6-1. It was an incredible collapse from Alcaraz, one that has not been seen before.

He had a similar collapse at the Paris Masters last year but this was worse. Sinner utterly destroyed him from the baseline and that continued in the final set as well. Alcaraz simply had no response as Sinner shined. The Italian went on to secure the Umag trophy 6-7(5) 6-1 6-1.


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