Ivanisevic Names 'Perfect Person' For Djokovic After Their Surprising Split

Ivanisevic Names 'Perfect Person' For Djokovic After Their Surprising Split

by Zachary Wimer

For the first time since splitting with Novak Djokovic, Goran Ivanisevic sat down for an interview, and he shared who he thinks should be his former protege's next coach.

Not too long ago, Djokovic shocked the tennis world by parting ways with Goran Ivanisevic, who had coached him for about six years. The two achieved a lot together, but Djokovic felt that a change was needed, and he made it happen.

It shouldn't come as a huge surprise because his 2024 has been below his level, as he hasn't really played good tennis so far. He didn't really talk to the media much after that, aside from saying he wouldn't further comment at the moment.

Ivanisevic largely remained silent until he sat down with Sasa Ozmo,, to whom he gave a couple of interesting comments following their split. He even shared who he thinks should coach him moving forward.

"I don’t know for how much longer Novak plans to keep on playing, but the perfect person is with him at the moment – Ziki (Nenad Zimonjic). He is a great friend of mine, we went through a lot together and I love him. He has a vast tennis knowledge, but what is most important – he knows Novak really well."

The comment is very interesting because Djokovic was spotted with Zimonjic both in Belgrade and Monaco. He seems to be the interim coach, and the fact that even the Croatian mentioned Zimonjic suggests that the 24-time major winner may indeed choose Zimonjic as his next coach, especially since they know each other really well.

"At the moment, Novak doesn’t need someone completely new, who is yet to get to know him. Let’s say 10 days pass, Novak ‘goes crazy’ and this new coach is left wondering what is going on."


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