'It's On My Mind': Alcaraz Targets World No. 1 Finish Ahead Of Djokovic In 2023

'It's On My Mind': Alcaraz Targets World No. 1 Finish Ahead Of Djokovic In 2023

by Sebastian Dahlman

Carlos Alcaraz has a chance to finish the year as the world's number-one player in the world, and it's definitely on his mind ahead of the 2023 Paris Masters.

Alcaraz, of course, already has finished as the world number one. It happened last year after his amazing breakout, and Novak Djokovic was the first player to congratulate him on that, calling it well deserved.

Well, this time around, Djokovic wants to finish as the world number one on the ATP Tour himself, and Alcaraz is his competition. It's a pretty close battle and will likely go on until the ATP Finals, which should be exciting to see.

Like Djokovic, Alcaraz admitted that he's eyeing to finish as world number one, which makes sense. It's proof that you were the best player in the past year, or at least the player with the most points won.

It’s on my mind. I practise with a goal, I practise to be a better player and obviously, Novak is there.

Alcaraz on finishing as world number one

Wanting to finish as world number one is only half the battle. He'll have to back it up on the tennis courts with his Paris Masters campaign starting later today against Safiullin.

His main goal, though, is the ATP Finals. He went to Turin last year to accept the world number one trophy, and it left him sad that he couldn't remain a play.

We'll see what happens at the ATP and which player ultimately gets the trophy for the year-end number one.

I went [to the ATP Finals] last year but just for a day. It was really tough for me, I realised I wasn’t able to play and stay there, but I’m really excited to go there and live the experience of playing in the ATP finals.

Alcaraz on the ATP Finals


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