'It's Just A Match': Sinner Dismisses Importance Of Losing Winning Streak To Alcaraz

'It's Just A Match': Sinner Dismisses Importance Of Losing Winning Streak To Alcaraz

by Zachary Wimer

Jannik Sinner lost his winning streak against Carlos Alcaraz in Indian Wells, but he doesn't obsess over it.

Winning streaks aren't particularly important to tennis players, even though they're always cool to have. Sinner had a solid winning streak going into the Indian Wells Open, but it ended at the hands of Carlos Alcaraz, who bested him.

The fact that his streak got snapped isn't that important to Sinner, who dismissed suggestions that it does impact him in any way during a press conference ahead of the 2024 Miami Open.

For him, the more important part was the match and the fact that he lost than the streak itself. Even the match isn't bothering him too much because, in the end, as he said, 'it's just a match.'

"It's just a match. Every tournament you go to, it's a new opportunity and here is a new opportunity again for me to show some good tennis. There are tough situations on the court which I have to solve, like in every other match and then that's it."

Sinner isn't trying to remain undefeated or even win every match. For him, it's important to remain healthy so that he can play regularly and improve as a tennis player. The more he improves, the better he'll become, and the more matches he wins. He doesn't strictly think about it in numbers only.

"I was not even thinking about the wins and the losses throughout the year. I knew that the point [the defeat] was going to come. I’m happy that it came in a quite late stage of a tournament which means a lot to me, the semi-final in a 1000 event is still a great result."

Last year's Miami Open was a good event for him, and he will try to replicate the success also in 2024. There is reason for optimism after the amazing start to the year.


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