'I'm Just Gonna Tank, I'm Done': Zverev Enraged By Having To Play In Rain In Munich

'I'm Just Gonna Tank, I'm Done': Zverev Enraged By Having To Play In Rain In Munich

by Zachary Wimer

Alexander Zverev wasn't thrilled to play in rainy weather at the 2024 Munich Open, and he complained about it during his match against Cristian Garin.

It's been a tough week for players and organizers in Munich. Last week, the city enjoyed unusually warm weather for this time of year, but the opposite happened this week. The weather is much chillier than usual, with even snow making an appearance.

It's been tough to play, but the event doesn't really have a choice; players have to play despite the terrible weather prognosis. Zverev and Garin had to deal with rain for much of their match, and eventually, the German lost patience.

At 3-4 in the second set, he vented his frustration, which can be understood. You can't really blame him for it because nothing he said was controversial or untrue. It was raining the entire match, and players were sliding all over the place.

As somebody who nearly slid his ankle into two pieces, Zverev is justifiably wary of this, and that's why he complained to the umpire, Richard Haigh, about his inaction in the match.

"What are we doing? You did not see me slip like three times in this game? At what point are we gonna do something? At what point? Just tell me. Are we not gonna do anything the entire match, because then I’m done. I’m just gonna tank the next two games and I’m done. This is ridiculous. It’s been literally raining, non-stop, since 12, it's 3:30 now."

Still, there was not much the organizers or the umpire could do about it. The weather forecast is terrible for Munich this week, with rain expected every day until Sunday, so players will have to endure and make the most of it.

For Zverev, the time in Munich is over, as he was beaten by Cristian Garin, and he'll look forward to some sunnier weather in Madrid.


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