'I Have Many That I'm Proud Of': Djokovic Unperturbed By Nadal's French Open Record

'I Have Many That I'm Proud Of': Djokovic Unperturbed By Nadal's French Open Record

by Nurein Ahmed

Novak Djokovic admits he doesn't need to play until 50 just so he can equal or beat Rafael Nadal's record at Roland Garros.

The Serbian explained that he is "very satisfied" with his career and all that he has achieved. Nadal has won 14 French Opens on the red clay in Paris - undoubtedly the most dominant master of a single surface in tennis.

Roland Garros has often been proclaimed as Nadal's castle for close to 20 years and not many players have had the chance to hold the keys. The fact that Djokovic has won three titles there in that period is quite astonishing.

Djokovic is the only player since 2005 (apart from Nadal) who has won multiple Slams at Roland Garros. It would take Djokovic 11 straight years of winning the clay Slam to equal Nadal's mind-boggling 14 titles. He'll be nearing 50 if that fairytale fiction happened.

However, Djokovic rubbished that question when asked if he would sign the dotted line for that to materialize. The 36-year-old jokingly stated his wife "would not be very happy" if he played for that long before quickly changing his tone and explaining that he was content with his current achievements.

"I don't know, I'm sure my wife wouldn't be very happy. I am very satisfied with everything I have achieved. I do not have to look at Rafa's record in Paris. I have many that I'm proud of and that are part of history. If I were to retire right now, I could only be happy and proud of what I've done."

Djokovic in an interview on Marca

While Djokovic doesn't possess the overall most titles at Roland Garros, he has won more Grand Slams than Nadal. In fact, he has won more Slams than any other man in history. He is also the only male player who has won the career Grand Slam (each of the four majors) at least three times.


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