'I Go All-In': Djokovic Refuses Idea Of 'Cautious' Approach To His Knee At Wimbledon

'I Go All-In': Djokovic Refuses Idea Of 'Cautious' Approach To His Knee At Wimbledon

by Zachary Wimer

Novak Djokovic confirmed during his pre-Wimbledon press conference that he will not hold back during any of his matches at SW19 this year.

The Serbian's arrival in London seemingly confirmed his intention of playing at Wimbledon, but there was a certain dose of caution around his participation. He didn't confirm his participation at that time, and nobody really knew what to expect from him.

After a couple of practice sets and an exhibition tennis match later, Djokovic feels good and will play at Wimbledon on Tuesday. According to his words, his game won't be limited.

Ahead of the tournament, he was asked whether he would be dosing himself considering everything that has happened, to which Djokovic replied that it's not what he plans to do. If he didn't think he could play the way he generally does, full throttle, the Serbian wouldn't be in the draw.

"Once I step out on the court it's all about winning that match and doing everything possible to win the match. I don't see myself holding back. I don't see myself calculating or being a bit more cautious in the movement. I don't see that happening. I go all in."

"That's the way I've been playing my entire career so. If I didn't have the feeling that I can do that I wouldn't be speaking to you guys. I wouldn't be in the draw. All the days I've been here only give me positive signs and encourage me that I can do it."

Djokovic generally starts his Grand Slams slowly, but that's more about finding his rhythm than him deliberately holding back. He didn't show any hesitation during his match against Daniil Medvedev at the Hurlingham Club, so he likely won't be holding back at Wimbledon either, especially as one bad match could mean all of his work would be useless.


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