'I Don't Remember Behaving Worse': Rublev Disappointed By His Roland Garros Outbursts

'I Don't Remember Behaving Worse': Rublev Disappointed By His Roland Garros Outbursts

by Zachary Wimer

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Andrey Rublev was visibly disappointed not only by losing at Roland Garros but also by how he behaved on the court.

The Russian has been quite notorious for his various outbursts over the years, with the one in Dubai being at the forefront. He's known for it, and he knows it, too. More importantly, he knows that he has issues, especially after the outrage his Dubai Championships disqualification created.

He barely escaped severe punishment and it left a mark on him. His tennis suffered in the weeks after that until he turned it around in Madrid. Losing early at Roland Garros was obviously disappointing for Rublev, but he was also disappointed by his behavior.

Numerous instances of him losing his cool occurred as he smashed his knee with his racket, threw it on the ground multiple times, and shouted at his box. It's not a good look, and he understands that, but he has yet to really change it.

"Completely disappointed with myself the way I behaved, the way I performed, and I don't remember behaving worse on a slams ever. I think it was the first time I ever behaved that bad."

Rublev never regained his cool or focus in the match as Matteo Arnaldi cruised after winning a tight opening set. He was asked whether it was due to him not being focused enough due to his outbursts.

However, he said it's actually him putting himself down which causes the drop in level, not so much a lack of focus, and he also praised his opponent, who played really well in the third set of the match.

"I think it's not about concentration. I think it's because the way I behave I put myself completely down, and I give Matteo wings to fly, and he was flying in the third set unbelievable. It was too late to do something."


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