'I Don't Regret Anything': Tsitsipas Looks Back On Heated Clash With Kyrgios At Wimbledon

'I Don't Regret Anything': Tsitsipas Looks Back On Heated Clash With Kyrgios At Wimbledon

by Zachary Wimer

Stefanos Tsitsipas clashed with Nick Kyrgios many times, especially at the 2022 Wimbledon Championships, something the Greek doesn't regret.

There wasn't much love between Tsitsipas and Kyrgios despite both being half-Greek and having that connection. The duo shared the courts a few times, and every time, it was tense.

Their most tense clash was at the 2022 Wimbledon. It was the year when Kyrgios made the final, in which he lost to Novak Djokovic. Both players had some unsavory moments in their clash at SW19 in 2022, as Tsitsipas simply couldn't remain composed throughout the match.

He recently spoke with Express Sport about the match and admitted that he doesn't regret anything that happened.

"Look, for me that year was an important one. I felt like my tennis was great during that grass court swing. If you check my results I might not have delivered in Halle two weeks before but I won my first grass court tournament in Mallorca and I was feeling great with my game."

"I had a great win in the second round against Jordan Thompson, I feel like he’s one of the good guys to beat on grass. And then I entered that match with Kyrgios with a lot of expectations that I can really do damage today and I can perhaps even win that match."

Tsitsipas then shifted focus to some of the things that happened during the match, admitting that they had impacted him. His mother would later accuse Kyrgios of behavior that was not acceptable on the tennis court, which caused her son to lose himself completely.

"And those things occurred during the match, they threw me off a little bit. It was, let’s say, the best moment of my career with the worst sort of behaviour on the other side which made me feel terrible."

"I was also feeling a little bit sick during those three days that I was at Wimbledon, I started feeling not that great so that contributed to the behaviour and the reaction that I showed on the court, I was really feeling terrible."

With much more time to think about the match, Tsitsipas still doesn't regret anything that happened during the match.

"Looking back into it, I don’t regret anything."


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