"Novak couldn’t move" - Ivanisevic Discusses Djokovic's Hardest Australian Open Opponent

"Novak couldn’t move" - Ivanisevic Discusses Djokovic's Hardest Australian Open Opponent

by Alex Waite

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Goran Ivanisevic has shared the toughest moment Novak Djokovic faced during his recent 2023 Australian Open win.

Ivanisevic, who has coached Djokovic since June 2019, explained that the Serbian's biggest test came in the third-round match with Grigor Dimitrov. Although Djokovic eventually won the match in three sets, Ivanisevic feared the Bulgarian could have got the better of Djokovic in the contest due to his unpredictable approach.

“In the first two rounds, the opponents were easier, so we figured it was going to be okay. But Dimitrov just played in the wrong way, his coach and himself didn’t have the proper plan, the right tactics. Novak couldn’t move and Grigor played maybe two or three drop shots, I would’ve played 300!!"

 Ivanisevic on Djokovic's match against Dimitrov

Despite the initial fear against Dimitrov early in the competition, Ivanisevic felt the professionalism shown by Djokovic and his team was essential in the Serbian's run towards securing his 10th Australian win. The 51-year-old Croatian coach also praised Djokovic's talent and shared his pride in working with the world's new number one.

“ I can only be proud of the opportunity to work with such a man because I can always learn something new, something crazy. It’s great that we are both temperamental, emotional. It helps a lot with the communication that we speak the same language, because everything needs to happen quickly on the court. "

 Ivanisevic on his relationship with Djokovic

Djokovic beat Stefanos Tsitsipas in straight sets in the Australian Open final on Sunday, January 29. The 35-year-old also eliminated Tommy Paul, Andrey Rublev, Alex de Minaur, Enzo Couacaud and Roberto Carballes Baena in the earlier rounds on his way to a 22nd Grand Slam title.

However, Djokovic could miss out on two upcoming US tournaments, Indian Wells and the Miami Open, due to COVID-19 restrictions and it remains to be seen when his next tournament appearance will come.


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