'Djokovic Is The Player To Beat' In 2024 Season According To Former British No. 1

'Djokovic Is The Player To Beat' In 2024 Season According To Former British No. 1

by Jordan Reynolds

Six-time Grand Slam semifinalist Tim Henman gave his thoughts about Novak Djokovic before the new season begins.

Djokovic, who topped the set winning percentage in 2023, is set to defend his Australian Open crown, after winning it for an amazing 10th time. It was one of three Grand Slams that the Serbian legend won in his incredible 2023 season.

The 24-time Grand Slam champion is 36 years old, and what he is achieving at that age is unprecedented. Some wonder whether Djokovic will finally slow down next season and if the younger generation's time has come.

Henman does not agree with this and told Eurosport that he expects success to continue coming Djokovic's way in 2024.

"So, in 2024, for sure, Djokovic is the player to beat. I think he's the favourite at the start of the year and I still think he will dominate."

Henman on Djokovic still being the one to beat

What Djokovic is physically doing at his age is extraordinary. It is something tennis fans will hopefully continue to enjoy and appreciate for a long time yet.

However, Henman also believes Djokovic has benefited mentally from being out of the shadow of his great rivals Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, and this has allowed him to shine even brighter.

"I think for such a long time he's been chasing Federer and Nadal and all those different records: the number of Grand Slam wins or finishing the year No. 1 or weeks at No. 1.... and now he's overtaken them. He's achieved it and he's playing better than ever."

Henman on Djokovic, Nadal and Federer

Many predicted that a changing of the guard was about to take place after Federer's retirement and Nadal's injury keeping him away from the game. These predictions grew louder after Carlos Alcaraz defeated Djokovic in the Wimbledon final.

However, Djokovic, who was recently denied millions in a bonus payment, proved his doubters wrong. He has done that so many times, and it would not be a shock if Henman is right about him dominating again next season.


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