'He Wasn't Himself': Djokovic's Australian Open Loss Not 'Tragic' Says Ivanisevic

'He Wasn't Himself': Djokovic's Australian Open Loss Not 'Tragic' Says Ivanisevic

by Zachary Wimer

Goran Ivanisevic reflected on Novak Djokovic's 2024 Australian Open loss to Jannik Sinner in a recent interview, admitting that it was not tragic.

It might not have been tragic, but it was rather upsetting for both Djokovic and a lot of his fans. The way he lost that semi-final match is probably more upsetting than anything else because it wasn't particularly close.

Jannik Sinner was able to beat Djokovic relatively easily, and it left the 24-time major winner quite frustrated. Ivanisevic talked about the Australian Open experience recently in an interview with Sasa Ozmo, admitting that it was a tough loss but that the reaction to it was quite overblown

A lot of people branded it a huge tragedy, which he found to be rather bizarre because he still made the semi-final and looked very formidable until that match against the young Italian.

"Well, I won’t share exactly what was said but at the end of the day I’m glad I went to America. In Australia I was already pretty fatigued, not just because he lost in the semi-final, he could have won it, and then the stories began about what a tragedy it was that he lost in the semi-final."

It wasn't a very typical match for Djokovic, according to Ivanisevic, who explained that the loss happened because he played a young player who was simply better on that day.

He added that Djokovic wasn't himself, as his effort was simply not enough to win.

"I mean come on people, nothing tragic happened, it’s not like he lost in the first round, he lost to a young guy who was better, well prepared for everything, I don’t know what happened to Djokovic in that match, he wasn’t himself, and Sinner is too good to not come into the match at near 100 percent, even at 100 percent nothing is guaranteed."


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