Grigor Dimitrov vs Jannik Sinner 2023 China Open Beijing - Preview & Prediction

Grigor Dimitrov vs Jannik Sinner 2023 China Open Beijing - Preview & Prediction

by Evita Mueller

Jannik Sinner doesn't seem to be affected by his injury from a few days ago, but Grigor Dimitrov is eager to test that out at the 2023 China Open.

Jannik Sinner destroyed his opponent in the previous round leaving him only a handful of games. It was a rather surprising display considering that a few days ago, Sinner was barely able to walk on the court after seemingly injuring his ankle.

The whole ordeal made headlines around the world because his opponent, Daniel Evans, apparently mocked his injury, which fans didn't appreciate. Ultimately, it doesn't matter he's in the quarter-final, and he's looking really strong in these bouncy conditions.

Dimitrov will be his toughest challenge because he appreciates these conditions as well. Probably not as much as Sinner, as he doesn't hit it as hard as the Italian does, but they don't hurt his style of play.


We haven't seen them battle often in the past as only two matches happened on the ATP Tour. Both players have one win though the most recent match played was won by Sinner.

It happened this year in Miami, and it was a rather simple 6-3 6-4 win for the Italian. Dimitrov's win came a few years ago and Sinner is a much better player compared to that time.


Now there is a very good chance that we'll see Sinner win this one again. Mostly, it comes down to him being a wonderful fit in these conditions, on top of just playing really well right now. Dimitrov can be hit off the court, and that's what Sinner will attempt.

The minor problem is Dimitrov's consistency. He tends to be pretty solid most of the time, which could be enough if Sinner has a stinker. As unlikely as it is, it can still happen, but I'll bank on the Italian getting it done.

Prediction: Jannik Sinner to win in two sets.


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