'Genius' Djokovic Always Finds Way To Win Despite Facing Rowdy Crowds Says Ivanisevic

'Genius' Djokovic Always Finds Way To Win Despite Facing Rowdy Crowds Says Ivanisevic

by Zachary Wimer

Goran Ivanisevic had nothing but great things to say in a recent interview, his first after the split, where he called him a genius.

Novak Djokovic and Goran Ivanisevic parted ways last month after several years of working together. The partnership was amazing, yielding multiple Grand Slam trophies for Djokovic, who is still officially without a coach. We don't really know when he'll hire a new one but he found an interim one.

The Serbian brought his friend and former doubles player Nenad Zimonjic to Monaco, where he'll play another event in a rather lacklustre year so far. Particularly striking is that Djokovic has struggled with problem-solving this year.

He couldn't solve the Sinner riddle in Melbourne and then failed at solving the Nardi riddle at the Indian Wells, which looks particularly bad on the resume. Problem-solving is one of his main strengths, per Ivanisevic, who called him a genius in a recent interview, his first after they split.

Often it’s hard during the match to control yourself depending on how the match is going, sometimes it helped and other times he wasted too much energy, but again on the other hand he’s such a genius he usually finds a way to win.

Ivanisevic calls Djokovic a genius

Many people have tried to understand Djokovic over the years, and it's not easy. Sometimes, he's very calm, such as when he was in the Roland Garros final against Tsitsipas, and he never looked bothered while overturning a 2-0 deficit.

Other times he's very vocal, but as Ivanisevic pointed out, whatever it was, people always found a fault in it. It was never good enough, which is bizarre as he was always more than good enough.

Apparently it also wasn’t good when he wasn’t t shouting, people were wondering what was going on, there must be some argument, it never was enough for people whatever he did on court.


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