Federer Had Best Serve, Nadal Best Topspin, Djokovic Had Best Career, Says Macci

Federer Had Best Serve, Nadal Best Topspin, Djokovic Had Best Career, Says Macci

by Nurein Ahmed

Rick Macci possesses one of the sharpest minds in tennis and when he recently tweeted his thoughts about the Big 3, he made a statement befitting each player's strengths.

Greatness in tennis is affiliated with an elite band of tennis players. Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, and Novak Djokovic are often held in high estimation and considered the greatest to ever play the game, having won a staggering total of trophies and dominated the sport unlike any other era in tennis.

For many years the question of who is the greatest tennis player in history has resulted in dissension between rival fans. But since Federer's retirement in 2022, and Nadal looking likely to follow suit next year, it has left Novak Djokovic as potentially the last man standing of the famed trio.

That discourse on who is the GOAT appears to have unanimous declaration from almost all quarters and Djokovic's name is on everyone's lips. Djokovic has surpassed his two biggest rivals in many tennis metrics, including the Big Titles, of which he owns 70 (24 of them being Grand Slams, the most of any player).

Macci, who has trained five former World No. 1s including Serena Williams, dissected what makes each player special. The American coach noted that Federer had the best serve of the three, while Rafael Nadal possessed the best topspin. When referring to Djokovic, Macci stated that he had the best career of the three.

"Of the BIG 3 Roger Federer had the best serve. Rafael Nadal had the best topspin. Novak Djokovic had the best career."

Last week, Djokovic won his 40th Masters 1000 title in Paris-Bercy, and even as the clock begins to tick on his career, he hasn't shown any laxity or concerns about his health. Also, there haven't been any signs that his best tennis would give up on him. He remains the yardstick for the current roster.


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