Djokovic's One Australian Open Loss Overblown By Critics Says Robson

Djokovic's One Australian Open Loss Overblown By Critics Says Robson

by Zachary Wimer

Novak Djokovic might have lost to Jannik Sinner at the Australian Open, but the loss was overblown, according to tennis analyst Laura Robson.

Robson is a former player who competed for many years on the WTA Tour, so she knows the mentality of a tennis player. Djokovic might have one of the strongest minds we've ever seen in tennis because he's not easily shaken.

Losses hurt him as much as anybody, but he has a way of coming back strongly after the losses. We've seen it last year. He lost Wimbledon to Caros Alcaraz but then stormed back to win the US Open and finish the year strongly at the ATP Finals.

That's the type of response Robson expects this time around, and she also thinks that the loss was way overblown.

"There has been an overreaction to one defeat for Djokovic. He still got to the stage in Australia where he was challenging for the title and it’s not like he lost in the first or second round."

"He has won everything for so long and all of a sudden you have Alcaraz, Sinner and a few of these other players challenging him week-in, week-out."

Speaking further to Tennis365 in an exclusive interview, Robson noted that she's happy with Djokovic entering Indian Wells and Miami because she thinks he'll show why the reaction to his defeat was too much.

"I’m very happy that he has entered Indian Wells and Miami, he is probably going to play a little more than he previously has. I know he has said he doesn’t enjoy being away from his family for too long, but if he is committing to playing Masters series events, it is a very good sign."

"It might not be a good sign for the other players that he is taking it very seriously still. Look at his record. That tells you that until he retires, he is the favourite for every tournament enters."


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