Djokovic's Motivation Gives Him Edge Despite Alcaraz Wanting To Take Over Says Macci

Djokovic's Motivation Gives Him Edge Despite Alcaraz Wanting To Take Over Says Macci

by Erik Virostko

Novak Djokovic may not need to compete anymore, according to legendary coach Rick Macci, but the fact that he chooses to gives him an advantage.

With 98 titles on the ATP Tour, out of which 24 are Grand Slam titles, 401 weeks as the world no. 1, and multiple other accolades, which could fill a whole book, Djokovic could easily retire anytime he wants, and even the Serbian said it.

Yet, he's still playing, and he's still winning. Obviously, his experience, which Djokovic wanted to capitalize on at the 2023 ATP Finals, plays a huge role but so does his motivation.

Ahead of the 2024 season, where the Serbian will defend three major titles, renowned coach Rick Macci spoke to Tennis Infinity in an exclusive interview, and as a big fan of Djokovic's success, the American coach was quick to identify the reasons for it.

"Well, I mean, that's why he is the GOAT. He's checked more boxes than anybody, but I think now what he's showing is his consistency mentally and the motivation that he still has. He's all about the competition, it's not about anything else."

According to Macci, Carlos Alcaraz and other youngsters have been "knocking on the door" in 2023, yet Djokovic still holds firmly, and alongside the motivation, it's the experience that helps him.

"He just loves to compete with anybody, anytime, anywhere. Even though Alcaraz and other guys are knocking on the door and Carlos has the ability to take the throne over, you can't replace experience. You can't replace knowing how to win, especially at Grand Slams."

Macci wasn't afraid to call Djokovic the greatest male tennis player ever, also often referred to as the GOAT. For the 68-year-old, a very important thing is the fact that Djokovic loves to compete, something people could take inspiration from.

"But we're looking at something the world has never seen. He's the greatest male tennis player ever to hold a racket. But people can learn so much from him about, 'I just love to compete.' Because he doesn't need to play. What does he have left to prove? He just loves to play and compete. And that's how you handle pressure better."


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