Djokovic 'The Best Athlete On Earth Right Now' According To Former World No. 1 Roddick

Djokovic 'The Best Athlete On Earth Right Now' According To Former World No. 1 Roddick

by Evita Mueller

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According to former world number one Andy Roddick, Novak Djokovic is the best athlete on planet Earth right now.

Being one of the best athletes in the world is certainly something Andy Roddick knows about. At one point in his life, he could have counted himself among them because he was a US Open champion and a world number one on the ATP Tour.

Novak Djokovic is both of those things right now, winning the Grand Slam not even a week ago and becoming world number one. Roddick talked a bit about Djokovic in his most recent Betway Column, calling him the best athlete in the world right now.

The dominance of Novak and the way that he’s able to win this consistently is just absurd. He’s probably the most reliable player that we’ve ever had in the game. I wouldn’t bet against him on any given day, on any surface, in any format. It’s an impossibility to make a statistical argument against him being the best ever. It’s like proving gravity at this point.

Yes, indeed, he has the numbers. There is very little to argue against that because if you take any sensational tennis record, either he's got it or he's among those who did it. There are some things he'd like to do still. As Roddick points out in his column, he wants number 25 to be alone at the top of tennis.

He also wants a gold for Serbia, and that will likely be goal number one next year. But after that? There is nobody really to chase. Even so, Roddick sees him carrying on simply because he can. He's the best and has what it takes to be that for a few more years.

He’s now tied Margaret Court on 24 Slams but he wants all of the records, so he’ll want to get to 25. After that, he’s basically playing against his own shadow – there’s nothing else out there for him. It will come down to the matrix between what his motivation is and what his body’s telling him.

You never take health for granted, especially towards the end of your career, but, if motivated, his body looks like it would be fine to keep going for a couple more years. It’s not even close to hyperbolic to say that he’s the best athlete on earth right now.


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