Djokovic Reveals If He Still Worries About Losing Ahead Of Matches Despite His Domination

Djokovic Reveals If He Still Worries About Losing Ahead Of Matches Despite His Domination

by Sebastian Dahlman

Novak Djokovic might be winning a lot of matches lately, but he still worries about losing ahead of most of them.

While winning has been the theme for much of his career, Djokovic is only human. He's been quite forward about the human part of him and showed it once more after the win over Cameron Norrie at the 2023 Davis Cup Finals in Malaga.

Despite dominating most of the matches he played this year, the Serbian still worries. The worries are pretty standard for any tennis player. It's normal, even if you're quite possibly the best tennis player to have ever lived.

Well, I think everyone has -- I can speak on my behalf, but I actually think that everyone has doubts. I have my doubts, as well, before the match and of course during the match. But I think the convictions that I'm able to pull it off and win are stronger and they overwhelm the doubts. So it is always an internal battle.

One thing that helps Djokovic through all of that is the experience that he has. You won't find many players who have played so many big matches as Djokovic and certainly helps him deal with the nerves, expectations, and the rest.

I think the experience that I have now playing for so many years helps me deal with my nerves, deal with expectations, but there is always very high expectations beginning with myself and of course now here the team and the nation.

Due to all his opponents' added motivation, Djokovic certainly faces quite a bit of pressure to perform. It's something that always motivated him and still does today.

It motivates me. Pressure motivates me. It really forces me to go into my lockdown mode, in a way, to focus and get the best out of me, you know, in the Davis Cup weeks. Playing for my country, it's probably, I guess, multiplied even more that kind of feeling of motivation.


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